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my mother played pachebel’s canon while the cinnamon bun of this physical existence was still in the oven. early years were filled with tchaikovsky, andrew lloyd webber, loreena mckennit, dean martin, robert palmer, eric clapton & the rolling stones. i loved singing but after taking to heart a series of “failings”, i stopped formally pursuing development and kept to myself.

in 2015, a band of weary travellers - stardust collected at an otherwise unremarkable restaurant as the monsoon rains subsided. we sat around the table and played for each other. all were welcome. it was here that a timid voice began to reveal its inner yearning. i’m still humbled and in awe of my fortune with the dextrous musicians that have fortuitously come into my life since then and have helped cultivate and amplify my voice.

today i’m inspirited by the sounds of sepia toned halcyon days. i desire to bring forth the experiences of times past (as i reverentially perceive them), as a fresh and allegiant gift from the heart.

as with all of my expression, i am drawn to playful experimentation and finding novel harmony in seemingly disparate contrasting elements.

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