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who am "i" ?

i was born in canada. my parents tell me that i was an earnest child, fiercely independent and captivated by the details of my surroundings. i started performing & visual arts school and then switched lanes for a more trodden academic path that led me into the business world. i burnt out, as many do, left it all behind and backpacked around the world for three years. in 2015 i found myself in india; it felt like a homecoming. through a magical set of experiences, the untold stories buried deep within me began to make their way to the sea.

i am passionately expressive and deeply emotional. as a primarily solitary creature, my inner world finds peace with the outer world through movement, music and visual mediums. through creative expression i'm able to communicate that which i have difficulty finding words for. the drive to create is irrepressible. my work is a direct reflection of my experiences in the world and in this way, each piece is truly a collaboration with my environment. i love to curiously explore life’s spectrum of contrast. 

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ABOUT: About


one of my teachers once told me that artists are not born. my path has been one of remembering the innate creator. and then learning not to take that chick too seriously.

i am driven by the ideals of freedom and unfettered existence. a world where one can exist exactly as one pleases, as both a divine and trivial expression of the cosmos.  



ABOUT: Past Events
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december 2015

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