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i am fascinated with the capabilities of the human body and find great joy in sharing this realm of possibility with others. i have been a yoga practitioner for over a decade. in 2017, i completed my yoga teacher training at the kashmir shaivism school of yoga ( in himachal pradesh, india. today i offer one-on-one private guidance based on my own evolving personal practice. my intent is to help facilitate a curious exploration of alignment in body and spirit and to assist those interested in developing their own personal practice in a fun and approachable manner. together we use movement to get into the body.

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“i managed to book in for a private class with alyse whilst in south goa and what a treat ! a week before the session we had an in depth telephone call to discuss where i wanted to go with my yoga practice and also go over my previous yoga experience & my limitations due to past injuries. on the day of our session, alyse arrived at my apartment with yoga mat and props in hand and we had a further 5-minute conversation to fine-tune our practice. alyse is a lot younger than i, but has a great understanding of how to guide an older student giving the perfect balance of nurturing instruction & enthusiastic guidance to get the most out of our 90 minutes on the mat together.”

“meeting alyse and having a one to one meditation time with her was a great experience which has set me on a journey which I would have never attempted otherwise. i would have been - too busy - too shy - embarrassed to have ever started this journey alone. but alyse put me at ease right away, and made it really easy for me to learn some exercises that i can now do alone and feeling much better for it. my daily concentration is better, the change in my sleep pattern is amazing! thank you”

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