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 i get to work with some pretty cool & dedicated human beings…

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 a-cha is an art rock collective born in galgibag, south goa. the band seeks to create uplifting, unusual and engaging sensory experience for their audience. we explore textures and tone, dancing with groovy instrumental rock, jazz fusion, shoegazing and dream pop genres. performances push the auditory into the visual with live art creation inspired by the music, audience & venue. 

the brainchild of bob bluesman… the world had just been turned upside down by the outbreak of a global pandemic. locked down in goa, india, a group of discontented souls came together to find solace through music. crafting a unique sound based on new takes of handpicked classics and the diverse backgrounds of its members, the band began to develop a network of supporters. today, petrichord seeks to thoughtfully represent the voice of stories yearning to be told and to offer liquid velvet tonic for fellow travellers.

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